The current line of Zip Wax hair removal products.

Zip Wax is available in our most popular 7 oz. block. The 7 oz. block melts easily and works great.

Zip Wax is also available for facial use. This 7/8 oz. tube heats easily in a mug of hot water and is great for the lips, eyebrows and other facial areas.

Other Items

All other zip wax products are no longer available. Zip Wax strips, blocks in smaller sizes, and larger sized tubes are no longer being produced. Please visit in the future to see about possible new zip wax products.

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For over 30 years Zip Wax has been the most effective home waxing product on the market. We are proud to represent the entire line of zip wax products and to allow visitors to learn more about Zip Wax. On this site you can learn how to use Zip Wax, where to buy Zip products, and hopefully you can find answers to all of your Zip Wax product questions.

Visit to purchase Zip Wax Products in Block Form or in a Tube.