Zip Wax frequently asked questions.

What is Zip Wax?

Zip Wax is a very stiff and sticky hair removing wax. It has been around for at least 30 years and is used by hundreds of our customers. It is very different from some of the other hair removing waxes on the market. Users of zip wax swear by it. They know that zip wax outperforms other waxes and rarely misses hairs.

Why would I want to use it?

Zip wax is very effective. It is even more solid than some of the salon quality waxes we sell. Zip wax is so stiff some customers don't even use a fabric strip, they just pull on the wax itself. Zip wax is strong stuff.

How do you use it?

For tips on how to melt, apply, and use Zip Wax see our How To Use Zip Wax section.

What makes Zip Wax different?

The main difference between zip and other hair removers is that Zip Wax is very, very stiff. At room temperature it is a block. Others are thick, honeylike substances. Zip looks like a block of tan chocolate. You can rip the zip wax off just by grabbing the wax, no cloth strip is neccesary. Zip Wax rarely misses a hair while other products require you to wax the save area repeatedly.

Is Zip Wax available in a store near me?

In 1999 it seems that most CVS stores stopped carrying zip wax. Online stores carry Zip Wax and can ship it directly to your door. Check out our Where to Buy section for more information about where to find zip wax.

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For over 30 years Zip Wax has been the most effective home waxing product on the market. We are proud to represent the entire line of zip wax products and to allow visitors to learn more about Zip Wax. On this site you can learn how to use Zip Wax, where to buy Zip products, and hopefully you can find answers to all of your Zip Wax product questions.

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