Where to buy Zip Wax products.

Zip Wax is currently available online through our partner ShopInPrivate allows you to purchase items without an embarrassing trip to the store or pharmacy.

Due to a recent reduction in distribution of Zip Wax, we are no longer able to list stores and pharmacies in your area that stock Zip Wax. We apologize that it is getting more difficult to find.

Our partners at are helping us meet the needs of customers throughout the U.S., Canada and 73 other countries. We hope that you will choose to ShopInPrivate for your Zip Wax needs.

The following links are for the currently available Zip Wax products:

How to use Zip Wax
Zip Wax products
Zip Wax Frequently Asked Questions

For over 30 years Zip Wax has been the most effective home waxing product on the market. We are proud to represent the entire line of zip wax products and to allow visitors to learn more about Zip Wax. On this site you can learn how to use Zip Wax, where to buy Zip products, and hopefully you can find answers to all of your Zip Wax product questions.

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